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And then the Lord spoke in a whirlwind to me…
“who questions my wisdom and speaks so foolishly?”

look at the stars up in the sky…
can you be orion’s guide?
can you move the constellations through the night?

where is the path to the origin of light?
can you separate the morning from the night?

can you shout up to the clouds?
and make the rain come down?
can you make lightning strike upon the ground?

have you journeyed to the springs that fill the sea?
or have walked into the vastness of the deep?

I am nothing and I have said too much
I put my hand over my mouth with no response
I have spoke of things I did not understand
Pathetic utterances of a lowly man

I know that you are God and have made everything
My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen
I despise myself for all that I have said
I sit in dust and ashes in my repentance

So what do we now say of this man job
And the God who let his torment grow?
And the words of his would be counselors
Who explain God in human terms?

When God spoke job was silenced
And he had no plea or claim left

In the end God does not have to explain
His ways are far beyond all men