The Foolishness of God     back

A. Human Wisdom
for it is written "I will utterly ruin
the wisdom of the wise
i will reduce to nothing
the understanding of the prudent
where is the wise man, where is the scholar,
where is the professional arguer of the world?
has not God reduced to foolishness
the wisdom of the world?
answer" of course
we run away from love
run away from God
he that is the truth
is what we do not want
like lightning falling from the sky
we are surrounded with the lies
with all the wisdom the greeks had
with all the wisdom the egyptians had
with all the wisdom of all the cultures of
all mankind in its totality,
in the wisdom of God they never found himů
the golden age of greece led them to plato's
republic, utter disaster, moral chaos,
and multiple polytheistic worship"
that was the golden age of greece
the summit of man's wisdom led him to despair
some do fear you
others jeer you...
all will die

B. Arrogance and Idols
and we see the world around us
it's the same as long ago
still searching for the answers
but without the God that knows...who knows
...eyes turn away
away to heed the things within the heart
eyes turn away
eyes turn away
the arrogance of man is rising
to a lofty level and i see the land
is full of idols
bowing down to what their fingers made
never before in the history of mankind
have there been so many people running around
the landscape saying, 'here, here, here, here,
here, here, here, here'"
and nobody has found him yet

C. Faith and Foolishness
a man named noah listens to the jeers
of neighbors laughing at a man who builds
a boat on land
utter foolishness to those who
see this act of faith apart from God
a man named moses running for his life
he tries to part the sea by raising up
a wooden staff
utter foolishness to those who
see this act of faith apart from God

D. The Biggest Foolishness
the biggest foolishness?
...a man named Jesus Christ
carpenter man, who walked on the water
claimed he was here to die for all men
living a life of total perfection
miracles at the touch of his hand
why this foolishness? show the strength of God
nazareth man, who claimed he was God
proved this by raising up from the dead
only requires a man to believe it
acknowledging that he is who he said
oh stubborn man
by his wisdom he denies
oh it seems like foolishness
to believe the things of God
and you know, God has one more piece
of foolishness, which is greater than all the rest
of the foolishness that's in the bible...
the greatest foolishness of god is this:
that he intends to save mankind through the
death of a crucified jewish carpenter who
died outside the walls of jeruselem almost two
thousand years ago, whom he personally
resurrected from the dead...

E. Epilogue
a confession for the man
that I used to be
a profession of a love
that has set me free
proclamation to the world
that I do believe
an invitation to the one
willing to receive
Jesus Christ came into the world to
save sinners neither is there salvation
in any other, there is no other name given
under heaven, among men,
whereby you must be saved...
the foolishness of God
is God's method of saving men